Change your approach to losing weight through an easy-to-follow 6 week online course

At home and in your pocket, our six week course will provide you with all of the guidance you’ll need to re-wire the way that you approach weight loss.

Core Principles

Bypass willpower by re-wiring the way your subconcious treats food.


Rationalise your eating decisions with a fundamental understanding.


Deeply embed your learnings into your day-to-day life with practical rituals.

Lynne Vertannes
Writer for Weekend Notes

“If you’ve tried dieting and willpower to no avail, I recommend this course, it has been designed by someone who has conquered her own weight battles. You will discover the reasons for weight gain and find a better way to meet all your needs.”

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Kelly Simons

“During the online program, I found myself motivated to eat well and sit with moments of feeling hungry, without needing to immediately eat, and therefore allowing that moment to pass.

I was surprised at how well I was doing. Over the last couple of months I have been reverting to my old ways which has highlighted how well I was doing during the program so I have gone back to using the program and feel so good about it”

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How the course works

The course is delivered through audio, visual and text content, spread over 6 weeks and accessed online.


Get started now and re-wire your approach to weightloss.

The Leading Mind Online
  • Revolutionary weight-release for smart, spiritually-connected people
  • No appointments to attend, complete at home in your own time
  • Self-hypnotherapy tracks, yours to keep
  • Mobile and desktop friendly online course, available anywhere in the world
  • Staged course release that keeps track of your schedule with reminders.

If you’re interested in experiencing the program in person please enquire

Course creator and resident guru

Skye Sante created The Leading Mind during her own journey overcoming weight issues. She will be your personal teacher for the 6 week course.