James Simonetta

Pain and suffering are two words that often go together, however the role each one plays in our lives is very different.

Just as physical pain is the body’s way of telling us something is wrong, emotional pain is your subconscious mind’s (your higher self/soul) way of telling you there’s something in your life you need to address. Without pain (contrast), we would never know what we find positive, and what we want to move towards in our lives.

Suffering on the other hand, occurs when the source of pain doesn’t result in growth and advancement for a person, but instead endures without being addressed. An example is the suffering involved in carrying excess weight. The emotional pain (eg. loneliness/ emotional isolation) that caused the weight-gaining behaviours (eg. overeating when lonely) not being addressed positively has resulted in prolonged suffering. The person deals with the consequences of their weight issues every hour of every day.

Hypnosis helps people to stop pain-inducing behaviours as it speaks directly to the subconscious through trance. It is the targeting of the trigger for unwanted pain-causing behaviour, however, that is the other powerful aspect of hypnotherapy and crucial for the reduction of pain. A trained hypnotherapist knows how to articulate often deeply buried triggers that are keeping you in emotional suffering.

Emotional pain is an important part of life that is a catalyst for the development of the self, however ongoing suffering is not what we have come into this existence to experience. In the past, suffering has been used as a pathway to enlightenment (eg. Buddhism), but it is not the only path you can take and doesn’t need to be the theme of your life.

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